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Industry Update - May 2014 - No. 115

Queensland Gaming Revenue Trend 

May 2014 has shown an increase in gaming revenue growth for Queensland Hotels and Clubs.

Total state gaming revenue has increased 4.92% on May 2013.

The growth and decline that the gaming industry (as a result of the 100% non smoking ban introduced 1 August 2006, and economic factors) has experienced since January 2007 on a yearly month on month basis are illustrated in the following graph:

Calculated from Data sourced from the Queensland Government - Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation

The Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation have now upgraded their statistics to use the 2011 Census data Statistical Area Level 4 reporting areas.

A comparison of each area to the same month last year and also 30 June financial YTD performance is outlined below:

EGMs Net Metered Win
Area Increase/Decrease Increase/Decrease
Calendar YTD Mar 2014/Mar 2013 Financial YTD Mar 2014/Mar 2013
Brisbane East 4.51% 5.04%
Brisbane North 9.15% 4.76%
Brisbane South 6.96% 6.04%
Brisbane West 9.05% 8.16%
Brisbane Inner City 5.09% 0.62%
Cairns 10.07% 5.36%
Darling Downs -5.92% 4.08%
Fitzroy -1.60% -2.91%
Gold Coast 10.99% 7.05%
Ipswich 7.45% 3.68%
Logan - Beaudesert 2.48% 1.72%
Mackay -9.21% -5.30%
Moreton Bay North 3.66% 1.85%
Moreton Bay South 15.01% 4.99%
Queensland - Outback 4.10% 0.77%
Sunshine Coast 8.31% 5.76%
Toowoomba 7.28% 4.04%
Townsville 3.59% -0.86%
Wide Bay -2.10% -0.79%
Queensland TOTAL 4.92% 3.07%

Source: Calculated from Data sourced from the Queensland Government - Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation 

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