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Industry Update - May 2015 - No. 127

Queensland Gaming Revenue Trend - Another record month

May 2015 has shown an increase in gaming revenue growth for Queensland Hotels and Clubs compared to last year.

Total state gaming revenue has increased 3.62% on May 2014. 

The growth and decline that the gaming industry (as a result of the 100% non smoking ban introduced 1 August 2006, and economic factors) has experienced since January 2007 on a yearly month on month basis are illustrated in the following graphs:


Calculated from Data sourced from the Queensland Government - Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation

The Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation have now upgraded their statistics to use the 2011 Census data Statistical Area Level 4 reporting areas.

A comparison of each area to the same month last year and also financial year to date performance is outlined below:

Source: Calculated from Data sourced from the Queensland Government - Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation  

Is your club looking for a strategic partner?  

A number of smaller clubs and sporting organisation are currently finding the market place difficult. Due to this, many organisations have sought a competitive advantage by sourcing a strategic partner. This may achieved through a number of difference avenues, from merger to management fees, debt funding, asset sale and leaseback as well as joint use of sporting and other facilities. 

Alternatively you may be wishing to undertake development of your assets to maximise their potential, but require a capital investment partner to achieve the desired outcome with a manageable level of risk.

If you wish to discuss your clubs or organisations future direction please contact one of the team members to discuss possible options.

Changes to Liquor Act 1992 affecting current liquor licensing arrangements 

The passing of the Safe Night Out Legislation Amendment Act 2014 in August last year resulted in numerous changes to the Liquor Act 1992. From 1 July 2015, the following changes will be in effect:

  • Extended trading hours for restaurant and cafe licences will be limited to 1 am. This includes existing restaurant and cafe licences that are currently approved to trade beyond this time (i.e. approved trading hours will automatically be reduced to 1 am).
  • Licensees whose principal activity is the provision of meals or prepared food must demonstrate this on a daily basis. This means that the:
    • majority of patrons who attend the premises during a day will consume a meal
    • the majority of the premises will be set up for dining
    • the kitchen will be open for up to 1 hour prior to closing the premises and
    • there will be enough staff at the premises to prepare and serve meals as required.
  • A new nightclub licence will replace the previous 'commercial other' subsidiary on-premises licence (with the principal activity of entertainment). Existing commercial other subsidiary on-premises licences (with the principal activity of entertainment) will automatically change to the new nightclub licence. These licensees will retain their existing approved trading hours and conditions.

Applications (for the previous licence type) that are currently being assessed by OLGR will be automatically considered as a nightclub licence type.

Extended trading hours applications

The moratorium on applications for liquor trading hours for trade between 12 midnight and 5am ceased on 31 August 2014.

A number of sites have prepared and submitted applications for extended trading hours, and a number have been granted to date.  Early opening or liquor trading hours can also be applied for in certain circumstances.

To extend gaming hours the venue must also extend liquor trading hours.

If you need assistance in preparing extended liquor and gaming hours applications, Community Impact Statements and gaming demand reports please contact us for a quote.

If you would like to discuss any matters please feel free to give us a call on 07 3234 8988 or alternatively email one of the team Frank Balzary at frankb@hmw.com.au, Steve Koman at steve@hmw.com.au, Andrew Hill at andrew@hmw.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you.

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