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Industry Update - November 2011 - No. 85

November 2011 has experienced positive gaming revenue growth for Queensland hotels and Clubs, although growth has slowed when compared to prior months.

Total state gaming revenue is up 2.7% on November 2010.

QLD Gaming Revenue Trend
Total State net metered win in Queensland gaming venues in November 2011 has increased by $4,115,291 or 2.7% when compared to November 2010.

The difference in State net metered win for November 2011 and November 2009 shows an increase of 6.78%  

A detailed breakdown by statistical division for November 2011 is as follows:

Source: Calculated from Data sourced from Office Liquor, Gaming and Racing - Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation.

The Central West, Darling Downs, Far North, Fitzroy, Mackay, North West and South West regions continue to experienced larger increases when compared to November 2010.

The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, West Moreton and Wide Bay Burnett show a decrease in the metered win from November 2010 to November 2011, with the Gold Coast continuing to be depressed.

The growth and the decline that the gaming industry (as a result of the 100% non smoking ban introduced 1 July 2006 and economic factors) has experienced since July 2006 on a yearly month on month basis are illustrated in the following graph.

Source: Data sourced from Office Liquor, Gaming and Racing - Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation.
Licensing services
Jacaranda Advisory provides advice if you’re wishing to alter your Hotel’s or Club’s liquor and gaming licensed hours, or acquire a new licensed venue we can assist with the various applications.

We can also assist with new gaming licences, gaming machine site increases (including community impact studies), license transfers, and changes in hours and other requirements. 

Gaming Installation Reviews
Qld gaming continues to show positive signs of growth, it is now an opportune time to consider how best to maximise revenue from your gaming floor.

Jacaranda Advisory has a proven track record in providing professional advice to its clients in such areas as:
  • Site EGM installation increases- evaluations and cost benefit analysis
  • Community Impact Statement implications and benefits
  • Floor Denomination balance and yield ratios
  • Standalone vs. Link mix and RTP%
  •  Maximising ‘in house’ links opportunities

Expansions / renovations – need a feasibility or a second opinion?

If you are planning expansions or renovations and need a feasibility to support/or test your vision, we can assist.  We also prepare finance application if required. If you would like to discuss any matters please feel free to give us a call on 07 3234 8915 or alternatively email one of the team Frank Balzary at frankb@hmw.com.au, Steve Koman at steve@hmw.com.au, or Sarah Obst sarah@hmw.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you.

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